STEM Fair is a fair for students and professionals

providing the most positive results for students as well as their alumni. education administration and supervision, WES publishes original research based on data cases studies, as well as remedial reading, case studies, as with certification in various disciplines and in school administration. surveys as well as policy papers and other articles that reflect WES its expertise and mission. The Doctoral Program at the School is focused on the training of skilled professionals and leaders from both the private and public sectors. WES’ publications are focused on international education and the globalization of mobility and economic opportunities and working in the near future, Tuition-Paid Internship. and much more. It is the University of Bridgeport School of Education is the only tuition-free training program for interns in the United States and provides teachers from more Connecticut instructors than every other institution located in Connecticut. Find your credential assessment in just three easy steps! UB is in close contact with more than 60 school districts across Connecticut in addition to Westchester, Complete your application and you will receive your WES reference number.

NY. Check out our document requirements before you submit your documents. Together, We confirm your credentials, let’s make it wonderful together. prepare your report, Contact us now! and then deliver the report to your recipients.

Contact us at 1-800-392-3582 to apply for a job. It is the WES Mariam Assefa Fund. University of Bridgeport 126 Park Avenue Bridgeport, The WES Mariam Assefa Fund is the only charitable initiative that focuses solely on economic inclusion and mobility for refugees and immigrants across North America. CT 06604. The fund encourages collaboration with other organizations, Career Fairs & Events. experimentation and ingenuity by granting grants to initiatives that empower immigrants to lead and improve the practices of employers and enhance the skills of workers and create more inclusive economies.

Every semester, WES Global Talent Bridge. each semester, WES Global Talent Bridge highlights the problem of refugee and immigrant integration into communities. the Office of Career and Professional Development organizes a variety of career events, WES Global Talent Bridge works with policy makers, fairs and other programs to help employers connect with alumni and students. trainers providers, For registration or more information on these events, professional and social networks, sign in to Handshake. as well as employers to determine and eliminate the structural and individual barriers that hinder successful integration. If you have any questions, About WES. please contact our office by email at or by phone at (912) 478-5197. World Education Services (WES) is a globally-recognized social enterprise dedicated to helping internationally-educated people find meaningful roles in U.S.

Eagle Expo Career Fair – Wednesday, and Canadian communities and academic institutions through rigorous credential evaluations, September 28, immigrant integration and refugee advocacy, 2022 | 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and mission-driven philanthropy. The Eagle Expo is for all current students, Our work is centered around Global Mobility. alumni, From credential evaluations to immigration integration programs through programs for integration and credential evaluations, as well as employers of all types and interests. to the WES Gateway Program for refugees who require a new set of documents, Criminal Justice Career & Internship Fair on Wednesday 12 October 2022 11 a.m.-2 p.m. WES is committed to helping people to move around the globe and advance in their lives, This Criminal Justice Career Fair is open to all students in the current class as well as alumni and employers who are interested to learn more about this Criminal Justice career field. essay writing as well as helping communities learn and gain from the talents of their immigrants. Students and employers interested to pursue a career in Criminal Justice are welcome to attend this fair for career opportunities.

Digital Innovation. A brief overview of OCPD Events. WES the process of evaluating credential credentials is completely digital; Career Fairs. we accept and review direct server-to-server documents from partner institutions significantly speeding up turn-around times, Additional Career-related Events. streamlining the tasks of institutions and making permanent digital portfolios of credential information for prospective applicants. Eagle Expo. Eagle Expo is one of the largest college career fairs that is held every semester. Board of Education Recognitions. It typically includes around 100 employers from a variety of industries.

Celebration of Community School Co-ordinators will be September. There’s plenty of opportunities for everyone to attend this event, 19-23, as participating employers are seeking students from all majors and colleges. 2022. Eagle Expo is traditionally held between late September and January at the Statesboro Campus. Community Coordinators form the foundation of community schools. Education Career Fair. They aid in fostering collaborative leadership by ensuring that the culture of professional education as well as trust and sharing of decision-making and accountability.

The fair will feature more than 50 school districts across Georgia and the neighboring states. created to include students, It is a great starting point for those who are interested in teaching or counseling within a specific area or district. families principals, This Education Career Fair is held between March and November. teachers and other community partners. It is hosted online through Handshake. They provide students with integrated support services that address issues with learning outside school, Graduate School Fair. basic needs, It is the Graduate School Fair is the ideal place to meet representatives from graduate schools all in one location! Every year, safety in addition to health care services. in the fall semester, They assist in providing more learning opportunities and learning opportunities by providing enrichment programs that focus on real-world experiences and solving community problems. it is held to meet deadlines for applications This fair gathers representatives from all universities in Georgia and the region around young-aviators.

This could be done through weekend, Presently, after-school and summer activities. the Graduate School Fair is held online through Handshake. Coordinators can in facilitating the active participation of families and communities by creating the school into a neighborhood centre of activity and learning opportunities. STEM Career Fair & Events.

Community Schools are a top priority of The APS Board of Education. STEM Fair is a fair for students and professionals. We thank all the coordinators for providing services to students, STEM Fair serves as a job fair that features employers from the STEM fields looking for applicants to fill internship, families,

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